This beautiful moment in your life is for you and your spouse. There's something magical about spending this day together as a couple and/or with the inclusion of close family & friends.

I want to add to this day and all its beautiful memories by photographing the smallest and biggest moments that make you and your fiancé you. Capturing the essence of the guests of honor (the both of you) and making this day exquisite and memorable is what I am here for.


Capturing your unconditional love in all the little moments, & the big ones. The little whispers, winks, smirks, and forehead kisses combined with the first looks, vows & I do's. This is what I live for.

It makes my heart melt just thinking about all the beautiful possibilities for your love-filled day. I want to be more than your photographer... I will feel all the feels throughout the day with you (I'll most likely shed a tear or two myself because that's just who I am). Think of me as your personal best friend along for the ride capturing every sweet moment.


Brennan & Suzie

March 23, 2024



Zak & Vanessa

February 29, 2024